Don’t Take Indemnification for Granted: Law Times

A court of appeal decision that ordered two estate trustees to personally bear their own legal costs should serve as a warning to trustees that they cannot take indemnification by the estate for granted....Ondrej Sabo, a co-founder of Ledroit law in London, acted for the trustees.


Expropriation Ensuring The Best Outcome for All Through Litigation

The old addage is 'no one asks to be expropriated'. Having land taken away from you for the public good is an aspect of modern society. Roads must sometimes be expanded, new bridges must sometimes be built, and public works which require some encroachment on private land are sometimes necessary. If a private residence is...

Personal Injury

Tyler Brooks Personal Injury Case

Tyler Brooks was riding his bike on the sidewalk like a typical 10 year old boy. His life changed forever when a car came off the curb and struck him, causing catastrophic injuries. He remained in a coma for several weeks before regaining consciousness. Now, Tyler is on the path of recovery, but will need…